This goes out to all those photographers out there, be it, professional, amateur, aspiring, beginners, happy snappers we are looking to encourage and give photographers of every walk of life a platform to show off their skills and nurture their love of photography.


Our first collection Dreamscapes & Landscapes is out in e-book and large paperback, our next collection Called “Spring in the Air,” is a collection of spring scenes.

First of a series of photography books compiled and collected by Dorothy L. Parker.


These stunning images of Dreamscapes and Landscapes will be published Feb 2021.


We all need a change of scenery at the moment and we hope this collection of photos does the job and gives some much needed escapism.

Budding photographers wanting to feature and want further info on future volumes and themes contact us via e-mail

But make it snappy as we plan to publish a volume bi-monthly and the next one Spring in the Air is under construction.

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