This is the official online book launch for Julian Lee's Jokebox. It'll involve a Q&A session, some jokes, a 'riddle' to be solved by people who've got a physical copy of the book (Kindle users may also be able to participate), more jokes, some 'silly book titles', some more jokes and quite possibly some other shenanigans.

We will be giving away two free signed copies of Julian Lee's Jokebox during the launch.

You can watch it from Julian Lee's Twitter page @JulianLeeComedy, from his Facebook comedy page 

 or from his YouTube account www.youtube.com/c/JulianLeeComedy.

If you're posting questions or anything related to the show on Twitter please use the hashtag #Jokebox

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Julian has been many things in his life: a Data Analyst in the RAF, a barman, a kiss-a-gram, a bouncer, a Sales Manager, a Club Promoter, a DJ, a shoe shop salesman, a performance poet, a call centre worker and a Maths Teacher.  And they’re just the things we’re legally allowed to print.  Throughout all of that he’s always been a funny man.

For years he’d make up daft little jokes to amuse friends and acquaintances, but mostly to keep himself entertained.  After an initial disastrous gig in the 90s, fuelled by alcohol and cheap chemicals, supporting Simon Pegg and Rich Hall – that’s quite the debut gig – he avoided comedy for close to twenty years.  It was inevitable he would return to try his hand again at stand-up and thankfully this time his return was a little less chaotic and maturely handled.

Since returning to comedy Julian has featured on BBC1, Radio 4 and BBC Newcastle.  He’s taken a show to Edinburgh, also called Jokebox, and has been runner-up in the UK Pun Championships twice (as part of the Leicester Comedy Festival).  He’s been described by those within the industry as a’gag machine’, a ‘sharp and droll one liner merchant’, ‘a wordsmith of real invention’ and the ultimate peer compliment ‘so good I was quoting your jokes to the wife last night’.

Since the Lockdown has come in he’s replaced live work with filming weekly jokes videos on his YouTube channel.  The feedback he’s received from these has been equally impressive.  If you want one liners, funny puns or Dad jokes then the truth is, look no further than Julian Lee.

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