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Author D.L. Hynes was born in Newfoundland and raised in the small mining town of Wabush, Labrador, Canada, where for the first few years fast food selection and multi-channel TV were exotic, and where the Aurora Borealis danced in the sky eight freezing months a year. Learning to read at three with Peanuts comics as motivation, she used books to escape everything from geek loneliness to the unpleasantness of spinal cord surgery.


Despite commencing debauchery with a late bloomer’s vengeance at university, she managed to land on the Dean’s List and earn three pieces of paper in Montreal and Ottawa. She taught English to bright-eyed Japanese middle schoolers for three years with the JET programme in Kobe, where she also experienced a deadly 7.2 earthquake, developed PTSD, and won a prize for some traditional fan dance moves. During this period, she also travelled extensively and embarrassed herself often, safe from any long-term repercussion as the Internet hadn’t quite caught on yet.


She and her cat Friday, moved to Vancouver and she met her true love, guitarist Dave, with whom she was to have several more black cats, including their current three. They now live in Hamilton, Ontario, where she works in an office while writing tons of fiction, watching tons of classic TV and movies, painting, reading, and hanging out at Dave’s gigs.


In 1971, a middle-aged man carrying $200,000 cash (a cool million and a half today) parachuted out of the airplane he’d just politely hijacked. Then he vanished into thin air, launching the legend of D.B. Cooper. Feisty but disillusioned with modern-day life, Valerie Valera becomes fascinated and obsessed with the man and all things 70’s, thinking she would give anything to travel back and find out exactly what happened. Time travel is a funny thing, and some dreams do come true.