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Rob Ford began his career with Rank Theatres, and no sooner had he begun to enjoy working on all manner of live gigs and shows, the company decided to concentrate solely on cinema. Despite having a love for movies a failed audition for the role of being the man to bang the golden gong combined with the Hammersmith Odeon being renamed the Apollo proved too much to take and he ran away to run his own record shop.

Always ahead of the game Rob saw the demise of record stores and the dawn of the streaming and digital age at least a decade before anyone else and went bust before Napster was even invented.

Throughout all this however he continued to write and whether it be personal or professional he has been working with, watching, or seeing bands all over the world.

This great love of the music industry inspired his debut novel 'Thank You And Goodnight.' His debut novel tells a comedic tale of failing miserably at being the biggest rock band in the world. The book, due for publication in 2021 shares stories of hapless antics as you reach for the stars and end up in the gutter.

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