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Lisa Caines is an artist from Newfoundland Canada who has been drawing since the early age of four. Lisa has a diploma in graphic design. Her greatest love in drawing is animals, birds, and cartoons. She loves wildlife and cares deeply about the environment. She is passionate about drawing and her art. She hopes deep from her heart that her art brings joy to people. Her first, of what we hope will be many, art books will be out later in 2022.

The cover for Lisa Cainess Animal Magic art book  due to be published later in 2022. A great fun book that will thrill young and old alike.



What or who inspired you to become an artist?

I was inspired to become an artist after watching The Little Mermaid as a child. I loved the mermaid and started drawing her.


What do you like most about art?

The thing I like most about art is that it allows me to be creative and express myself.


What art projects are you working on?

I’m working on illustrations for children’s books, and I do commissions for pet portraits.

What other artists would you compare your style to?

I try not to compare my style to anyone else. I try to make my art unique.


What is your process for making art?

I go somewhere quiet and think of something I love.


What's your favourite book of all time?

The Road by Cormac McCarthy


Who is your favourite artist and why?

Lisa Frank. I love her colorful and playful art.

Where do you see your art taking you in five years’ time?

Hopefully, I’ll be illustrating children’s books.

Tell us a little something about yourself that you are proud of?

When I was 16, I drew a mascot for my school. They entered it in a nationwide contest and I won first place.


If you weren’t an artist and writer, what carer would you have loved and why?

If I wasn’t an artist and writer, I would’ve enjoyed working in an office like a vet clinic. I love animals and being around them.


What one, key art tip would you share?

One key art tip I would share is to not compare yourself to others. Focus on what you want to draw.


What would you say to educate inspire new artists? 

I would say to never give up on it. Even if it isn’t your main career, keep doing it if you love it.