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London native C. C. Adams is the author behind urban horror novella But Worse Will Come. His short horror fiction appears in publications such as Turn To Ash, Weirdbook Magazine and The Third Corona Book Of Horror Stories.


A member of the Horror Writers Association, he still lives in the capital. This is where he lifts weights, cooks - and looks for the perfect quote to set off the next dark delicacy. He signed with us at Dream’s Edge Publishing in the Spring of 2020 and his next book “But Worse Will Come” will be published later this year.

But Worse Will Come

Theodore Papakostas lives a normal life. Holds down a day job. Struggles with his weight. With women, he’s more ‘miss’ than ‘hit.’ He’s humble – a far cry from the bullying behaviour of his childhood. Days long forgotten. Almost. Something has caught wind of him. Something that warned Theo long ago that if their paths crossed again, Theo would not survive. And Theo’s world is turned into a waking nightmare: a struggle to stay ahead of the terror.


One-night stands; lots of Londoners have had them. But when Vicki Henry joins their ranks, her carefree night of passion has a terrible consequence. After the act, she is leaking a fluid that looks ...unusual. Coupled with the growing signs of pregnancy and recurring nightmares, these raise disturbing questions for Vicki. Like: just who was her partner? And what did he do to her? Assuming he was human at all?