Carole Bulewski is a multi-faceted and accomplished author. She began her author career writing in her native French – Carole was born and raised in the south of France. Now writing almost exclusively in English and living in London.

Carole’s writing weaves an almost mystical tale of fairy, folklore fantasy mingled with a darker undercurrent of urban despair.


The Piper and the Fairy is the first of a trilogy of novels exploring Iris Low’s journey through a life entwined with pagan folklore and Iris’s own imagination which creates for her a parallel world that is her shield against a truth she is not ready to face.


Having been writing since the tender age of seven, Carole is a prolific author, so you will be able to fill your bookshelves with the special magic that Carole conveys as her words cast a spell across the page.


Carole has also written and illustrated a children’s book, although her mythical, magical, and metaphysical novels are Carole’s preferred genre.


When she is not writing, you can probably find her singing because Carole is also a member of urban baroque group Firefay, who have so far released two albums, and are currently recording their next album. A single was released in 2018.


In 2020, Carole signed with Dream’s Edge Publishing, her first novel The Piper and The Fairy, will soon be followed by Water of Life, and the final book of the trilogy, The Little God of Queen’s Park.

The Master Piper and the Fairy

There are only two important people in Iris Low’s life – Tom, a musician and Matilda, her childhood friend and a practicing Wiccan. When Tom disappears, Iris turns to a therapist to help her discover what has happened to him in the hope the therapist may unlock parts of her memory she is not ready to confront. What is it about Tom’s disappearance that Iris has buried deep in her mind, and will therapy help to dig up the memories, or will Iris have to turn to magic to find out?


This book is a companion to the novel The Piper and the Fairy, and a way of showing the inspiration behind it. It touches upon the themes I care about as a writer, Wicca, fairies, magic, and mental health. Most of the artwork in this book is my own, with a little help from two artist friends, Alban Low and Caroline Brown. The book mixes excerpts from the novel with original artwork inspired by the story, with a nods to other projects I’ve been involved in.


Musician Sampson Maxwell has demons to fight. Alcoholism, drug abuse, depression and anxiety have all conspired to give him such low self-esteem that he has retreated into a world of his own making. Fighting a ghost from his past is pushing him to his limits. While on tour in Scotland with his new band, he realises things are worse than he had imagined. Trying to escape the horrors, he finds himself on a remote island off the coast of Glasgow, in the Chai Community.