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Question 1: What or who inspired you to be a writer?

C.A. Ardron: My brother would always be writing fantasy and horror tales when I was a kid. I loved fantasy growing up, so gave it a go. Never looked back.


Question 2: What do you like most about writing?


C.A. Ardron: The creation. Creating my own worlds, characters, and being the one to decide how the story ends.


Question 3: What writing projects are you working on?


C.A. Ardron: Several, actually. Very soon I’m hoping to reveal a dark fantasy/romance series. I also have a set of books on dragons – an absolute must for any fantasy fan. There is also a trilogy, classic fantasy romance on the cards. All of this is secondary to Predgarians however, my main on-going project.


Question 4: What other writers would you compare your style to?


C.A. Ardron: I don’t like to compare myself to others. I’ve taken inspiration from all over the place during the years, and merged them into my own personal style.


Question 5: What is your writing process?


C.A. Ardron: I’m a bit of a planner, but not full-blown must have charts and graphs on very little thing. I write a chapter by chapter synopsis so whenever I sit down to write I know exactly what I’m doing for that session. That way I avoid writer’s block and staring numbly at a blank screen for hours on end.


Question 6: What's your favourite book of all time?


C.A. Ardron: Oh, that’s difficult. What story do I go back to no matter how many years go by? Watership Down by Richard Adams.


Question 7: Who is your favourite writer and why?

C.A. Ardron: David Eddings. Narnia may have been the first fantasy I ever came across, but it was Eddings work I truly took inspiration from when it came to world-building, characterisation and over-reaching story-arcs.


Question 8: Where do you see your writing in five years’ time?


C.A. Ardron: Hard to say. I’d love to say I’ll be over half-way to completing Predgarians, but at the very least, I want to have shared some of my other worlds.


Question 9: Tell us a little something about yourself?


C.A. Ardron: What can I say? I like almost every tea in existence, wear predominantly black, listen to rock and metal. I have a tiny cat with huge claws called Logan, and I love growing herbs. I’ve tried growing flowers but they tend to die.


Question 10: If you weren’t a writer, what career would you have loved and why?


C.A. Ardron: When I was a child I wanted to be a vet. I also used to draw a lot, if I hadn’t focused on my writing I’d probably be selling pictures.


Question 11: What one, key writing tip would you share?


C.A. Ardron: Finish that first draft. Don’t worry about perfection, that comes later. Also don’t underestimate a good editor to help polish your work. They are very much needed. Oops, that was two.


Question 12: What would you say to educate or inspire new writers?


C.A. Ardron: Live your dream. We’re the creatives, the ones with the imagination to light up the eyes of children and adults alike. That’s a great gift, no matter how many people say it’s secondary to ‘real work.’ All these people who say writing is a waste of time will happily go and watch their favourite shows and movies, having no concept that without the screenwriters, they would have nothing to watch.

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