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Dream's Edge Publishing is an author-friendly Publisher founded in 2020. We are passionate about helping writers from all walks of life reach their creative dreams and achieve literary success.



There are only two important people in Iris Low’s life – Tom, a musician and Matilda, her childhood friend and a practicing Wiccan. When Tom disappears, Iris turns to a therapist to help her discover what has happened to him in the hope the therapist may unlock parts of her memory she is not ready to confront.

What is it about Tom’s disappearance that Iris has buried deep in her mind, and will therapy help to dig up the memories, or will Iris have to turn to magic to find out?

Even if you don’t believe in magic, you will be spellbound by the intricacies of the plot, of mysticism and Wiccan practices interwoven within a backdrop of a sometimes stark and despairing reality.

Will we find out what happened to Tom, the Piper, a sixties influenced musician who helps to reignite Iris’s creativity. Will we discover the secret, hidden in the mind of the Fairy in the trees?

The Piper and the Fairy explores obsession, childhood friendships, and alternative realities in a magically woven story that will keep you guessing until the final scene.

Carole Bulewski is truly a magician with a pen!


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New art book by Dotty L. Parker The Face volume 2.

It's more fab pop art. Will you see your face in the book?


The Watchers Series Book 1 - The Watchers - On Sale now!

We are so glad to announce that the awesome time travel book by Eilidh Miller is on sale now.

Grace Evans is a Watcher.

A Watcher’s job is to protect the future and the past, making sure history happens as it should.

Her next mission, given to her by The Council, is her most demanding yet.

Grace must travel back to the Scottish Highlands of 1746 to stop Highlander Euan Cameron from rejoining the Jacobite Army at all costs and dying in battle at Culloden.

It is a task easier said than done, as Euan is dedicated to his chief and his clan and would rather give up his life in battle than walk away like a coward.

Can Grace save him without breaking all the rules and altering their lives and history forever?


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CC ADAMS AUTHOR Headshot.jpg
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C.A. Ardron

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writer

The Writer of the awesome Sci-Fi fantasy series Predgarians, the first two books in the series - Jackal's Gambit & Mind Games are out now.

C.C.  Adams

Horror Writer

Acclaimed Horror writer C.C. Adams author of striking horrors Semen & to be published by us soon But Worse Will Come.

Eilidh Miller

Sci-Fi Writer

California native, Eilidh Miller, writer of the Science Fiction series of books The Watchers – the first coming late 2020

Scott D. Southard

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Writer

Author Scott D. Southard is very hard to pigeon hole as a writer. He writes science fiction and fantasy with great humour and humanity.

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Rob Ford

Comedy Writer

Comedy writer Rob Ford has his debut comedy novel Thank You & Goodnight about a Rock band trying to make it big is coming soon.

D.L. Hynes

Sci-Fi Writer

D.L. Hynes is a Canadian writer of Sci-fi, fantasy and comedy. Her debut time travel novel The Man in 18-E is out September 2020.

Vanessa Krauss

Sci-Fi Writer

Acclaimed Science Fiction and fantasy writer Vanessa Kruass. Her first novel One Aon Fatality is due out in 2020.

Carole Bulewski

Fantasy Writer

Writer of Fantasy and mythology Carole Bulewski, her new novel The Piper & The Fairy is out soon.


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